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The end...

And that was the last photo post from my time in Berlin I'll do now. All of these last five photos were taken on the actual last day I spent in Berlin and just hours before we had to head to the airport and fly back home to Sweden.

All of these photos were taken way back on June 10th so it’s about time I got around to uploading them I guess.

After Berlin I spent some time in Stockholm after which I bought a European Interrail card and traveled around europe by train for a bit over 3 weeks. I got back from that last week or so and had an amazing time.

I’ll try to continue my photo tumblr with photos from that trip (and future ones) as I took loads. But in about a week I’ll move all the way up to Kalix (google it, it’s insanely north) and study film and tv production so we’ll have to see how much time I’ll have for that.

In conclusion I’ll add that my time in Berlin was fantastic and I got to know a crapload of amazing and extremely talented bunch of people. I started missing all you people and the entire city like crazy now while looking through the last photos here.







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