April 12th, 2011

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A list of comics I really really really really want to read! [PART 2]

I've been doing a lot of photo posts lately so here's another list to shake things up a bit. I have a couple of different lists cooking so it was nice getting into one of these again. This was also the first list I got to debut on my other more pop-culture specialized blog over at wordpress here http://blindekillen.wordpress.com/.

But as usual I'll post pretty much everything I do here too.

I've also updated my berlin photo tumblr with a bunch of photos from a birthday party from this saturday. I'll do a post on those photos here a bit later to avoid spamming everyones friendslists with pictures but you can find them here if you're really eager: http://blindekillen.tumblr.com/

But now onto my second list of comics I really want to read!


This comic was originally released in the 90's and is now suddenly revived again. It's about this guy who got infected with nano-machines which left him immortal and with the ability to create anything he wants just by thinking about it. Apparently the comic goes into some really strange and bizarre directions. The new artist for the comic is Frazer Irving who did the fantastic art on Gutsville so I would probably read this comic for the art alone. After reading a short preview of the comic I got really excited about the story too. Just check out these panels of some guy talking to spare change. I love stuff like this.

This is latest comic by writer/artist Jeff Smith who previously did the much praised fantasy comic Bone. I haven't read Bone as I've never been that interested in fantasy but this comic about a trans-dimensional arts burglar sounds right up my alley. The protagonist travels between alternate realities stealing and selling stuff. Everything just looks and sounds top-notch.

Now this comic simply looks gorgeous! The art is just so detailed, clean and nicely colored. Really beautiful stuff. The story is set in some sort of virtual WOW-like world and sounds interesting enough. But the art is what sells it. Hopefully the story isn't too shabby either.

Last Mortal
Publisher Top Cow comes out of nowhere and starts releasing interesting stuff all of a sudden. I had a similar idea of my own which is why I find this comic interesting. It's about a guy who finds out he's immortal on the unfortunately timed moment when he tries to kill himself. I don't know much else but that plot combined with nice art piqued my interest.

Like I said, Top Cow just started releasing interesting stuff and here's another cool looking comic out from them. And if this one delivers on the premise it could be really interesting. It's a drama about a guy who finds out his father was a serial killer after he dies of natural causes. The son needs to re-evaulate his entire life and relationship with his father has he starts to fear he might share the same impulses. If the writing isn't up for it the art will atleast be great. Just look at the panel below here. So much emotion.

Hellblazer - City of Demons
I've always been more fond of the character of Constainte than the actual comic. Not that I don't love Hellblazer. All of it is top-notch stuff but it's been a bit uneven between the different writers and artists. What sells me on this stand-alone mini is the art by Sean Murphy. I remember reading and loving the Shaun of the Dead adaptation from IDW just because of his art. He has finally started to get the appreciation he deserves now with a whole bunch of different minis from Vertigo. It's nice to see atleast one really great up-and-coming artist not getting sucked into the superhero area of comics.

Here's a comic where I totally missed all the hollabaloo about it as it happened. It got voted the best comic or something on DC Comics webcomic site Zuda which would make it published as a book too. Unfortunately it won just as Zuda imploded which left the artist and writer with nothing and a comic in limbo. It's written by Aaron Alexovich whom has done various fantastic horror/sci-fi/comedy graphic novels with Slave Labor and the now extinct Minx line. I'm a massive fan of his Serenity Rose comics. Let's hope Eldritch! will see the light of day.

Cyclops is from the creative team behind the seriously fantastic hitman drama The Killer from Archaia. I love The Killer, it's well written, well drawn and expertly translated from the original french. Cyclops seems to be a whole other type of story and is set in a near future setting. In this future warfare has turned into some sort of reality show where viewers can follow the soldiers by a camera on their helmets. It looks to be a tragic, hilarous and thought provoking satire that reminds me of the sci-fi films Paul Verhoeven used to do.

Carbon Grey
I didn't think much of this comic at first. I only checked it out as I'm still not too tired of steampunk yet and the art looked nice. But after reading a preview it actually seems to be pretty great. From the little I read it seems to actually be kind of well-written. And the art is gorgeous! I'll be sure to check this out when it gets collected into a trade.

Infinite Vacation
Here's another aternate reality story which sounds and looks pretty great. It's about some sort of reality-app which you can use to jump between different realities of how your life could end up. If you hate your current life of working in an office or something just get this app and try out another life. I'm not sure how this works with the fact that there should already be another one of you at pretty much every other reality but I won't mind finding out by reading it. The writing and art seems really good and it's nice to see some more sci-fi comics.

Vision Machine
And all hail the mighty godess of sequential arts, another sci-fi comic! This one is set in a world where some shifty corporation has just released some sort of mind-connected glasses which lets just project everything your imagination can dream up to the other wearers of the same typ of glasses. Apparently the corporation behind it has less than moral goals with the product and I guess the comic turns into some sort of story about the dangers of giving a corporate organization too much power. If that doesn't sound interesting the arts looks amazing too!

Vinland Saga
And now finally a comic that might be tricky to find unless you don't mind downloading a pirated copy. It's a manga by the creator of the amazing hard sci-fi drama Planetes (also a fantastic anime series). I don't read that much mangas but I really like this guys stuff. His art is really clean and a bit toned down and reminds me more of a european comic. He's really good with creating realistic characters and good drama. As a person of nordic descent I'm genetically interested in anything viking making this comic really interesting. I've only read the first book by way of fan-translated pirate copies and the story and action pulls you in from the start. Let's hope this finds a western publisher to release it in english.

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