April 4th, 2011


Berlin Schmerlin

I was getting insanely lazy living at my parents place so last week I moved to Berlin. It was snowing in sweden when we I left but here in Germany it's 22+ C. Pretty much summer! So awesome.

Yesterday we went to this open air thing which is pretty much just a great big dance floor outside. I brought my camera for the day and was then first regretting having it with me on the open air but ended up with so many great shots that I've decided to try my hand at some sort of photo-blogging over here.

I've turned my tumblr account into the service of this and I'm thinking about carrying around my camera at all times now. We'll see how this goes but hopefully I can keep it up.

My tumblr is now oficially a Berlin photoblog called "Berlin Schmerlin." over here:


And here's my latest shots taken yesterday/this morning.

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