March 15th, 2011


There's no place like livejournal!

After trying out tumblr for a bit now I'v come to the conclusion that I kind of hate it. I'm not sure what to do with my account there. The place just seems to be filled with reblogging of others rebloggings. And the comment system is pretty much non-existant.

As the only reason for me to search out new blogging frontiers was the fact that LJ was getting quiet and I wanted to go to where everyone else was. But the no commenting on Tumblr doesn't give me that so it's not what I want. The whole blogging set-up doesn't work that well with my kind of posts either.

So I got a wordpress! The blogging aspect is a lot better there. Very similar but in many ways superior to LJ and there's no ads. So from now on I'll crosspost some of my blogging over there too.

You can find my wordpress blog here:

The set-up will be that I'll crosspost all my longer article-ish posts there (but still post them here too). I guess my wordpress will be more bussiness-like and professional while this lj will stay just as it is with me posting all kinds of crap here too.

So if you still want my film lists and such but don't want to read random posts like this one you're reading right now that's the place to be.

I think my love for LJ has grown now after trying out all these new fancy sites. This place is still the best combination of blog and community on the internet. With or without anyone here. :S

I might use Tumblr for photos in the future though so I'll keep that around. Pictures seems to be the only good use of that place.
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