February 22nd, 2011


My God, it's full of spam!

I seem to have created some sort of spam magnet with one of my earlier entries. I just keep on getting random spam posted in the comments there. Mostly from Russia.


I wonder what keywords they're homing in on.

Also I'm kind of maybe almost thinking about getting a tumblr account. Lj just seems to be dying. It's getting so depressingly desolate around here. :( I'm not sure though, the commenting system on tumblr boggles my mind. And then I'll probably just have to keep on creating new blogs on yet another site when everyone decides to migrate there instead.

It's like DVD's and blueray, they'll just keep on releasing new formats so there's really no point in buying any of it. You'll just end up with another useless obsolete collection of something. (I'll probably never buy any media in a physical form again.)

Is tumblr using the same coding as lj? I mean can I just copy the exact same posts I do here to my tumblr account if i want to crosspost? Anyone know if there is any way to automaticly transfer all my lj posts to a tumblr account?

The livejournal apocalypse is making me sad. :/
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