August 10th, 2009

tank girl

Survival expectancy: Zero


My glasses just made this stringy sound and fell apart by itself. So now I need to buy new ones.

A friend recommended buying your glasses over the internet as it should prove alot cheaper. He was right and I'm going to pay like 500 kronor instead of 3500. (500 kronor is about 55 USD) How the heck can they be so expensive in the stores??

The internet proves itself yet again.

By the way.. I've decided on what I will do this Fall as I'm losing my job in about 3 weeks.

I'm going on the flippin' TRANSIBERIAN! Booyah! (or it's actually the Transmongolian but anyway..)

So this november I'm going with two friends over to Moscow and then we'll take the train towards Mongolia where we'll stay about a week. After that we'll continue towards China and beyond! I'll probably be away for about 6 months with a survival expectancy of zero.

I'm hoping to see most of the countries around there.. Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, South-Korea (maybe even North-Korea, that would be something), Japan and whatever other country there is over there. Then on the spring next year we'll probably go over to Australia and find some temporary work.

Should be a hoot.
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