July 21st, 2009

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A list of movies I really really really really want to see.. PART FOUR! [ZOMBIE EDITION]

I'm doing this list a bit different this time. As there are trailers out there for all the movies I'm posting them instead of just some interesting photo. And you might notice I've already written about a couple of these movies before but I think they're all worth mentioning again.

Oh yeah, and it's ALL ZOMBIE MOVIES!!! this time...

To the list-mobile!!!

I mentioned this movie on my first(-ish) movie list months ago but back then there wasn't any photos or footage out. Now there's a trailer and while it wasn't really what I was expecting or hoping it would be like back then (running zombies.. ;/), it looks kick-ass and fun in a whole other way. Woody Harrelson and a bunch of other people tries to survive after the zombie apocalypse.

A french zombie movie I don't know too much of. But it looks to be alot like 28 days later only in northern france. Early reviews aren't too positive but I'm hoping it will be worth a watch atleast (there's too few zombies apparently). My tolerance to crap is extremely high regarding zombie films.

[REC] 2
Booyah! There's finally footage out for this! I truly love the first movie. It's one of the few truly scary zombie films. Some of you might be more familiar with the american remake Quarantine but the original spanish movie is really the one to see. This sequel is made by the same people and I really like the way they've decided to make the sequel. It keeps the same idea as the first movie but there's a slight change which makes it totally different. I pray to his noodly holiness that this won't suck.

The Dead
Holy crap a zombie movie from africa! And it looks pretty great too! It's about an american soldier (of course, we can't have them africans starring in their own movies) trying to get home after getting stranded in africa after the zombie apocalypse.

An australian zombie flick which I don't really know anything of the plot of but it looks like a rip-roaring good time from the trailer...
Get it? Rip-roaring? You know, because there's a crapload of zombies in the trailer ripping and.. uh.. roaring?

Another movie that I've mentioned before. And it still looks awesome. It's from the director of Evil Aliens Jake West and the writer/artist of Dogwitch Dan Schaffer.
A group of male friends makes the mistake of entering some village or something where all the women have turned into man-eating zombies! (so no change there.. ha! take that ovary-people!)

Here's an interesting one. It's a low-budget movie which is getting praised right and left. It's a zombie movie from the perspective of a newly turned zombie. He shambles around and we get to explore this strange new violent world through that.
Colin Teaser Trailer

La Horde
Holy crap I'm only through half the movies... Anyway, here's yet another movie I've already mentioned but now there's a trailer out.
In this french zombie flick a group of criminals have to work together with a group of cops when the building they're in gets overrun with a horde of zombies.

While this british zombie film might not have the biggest budget it looks extremely good and it's getting great reviews. Hopefully there's enough zombies.
A cargo container gets stranded on some beach and I guess it contains Trioxin 245 or something as people start turning into.. Can you guess it? Yes, zombies.

And this is the last repost of a movie I'm doing. You should already know of this highly praised canadian zombie film. The movie takes place in a radio-station as the infection spreads through the english language. I actually think the DVD of this is out today in the states so run out and get it immidiately. I'll just wait here until I find some other way of seeing it.

Paris By Night Of The Living Dead
Oh I love that title.. and this just looks like insane gory fun! Just check out the trailer and pray those crazy frenchies can keep it up for an entire movie.

ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction
No this isn't the adaptation of the comic but rather a political zombie indie comedy which looks like a mighty good time. There's some fine gore and zombies in it and it actually seems pretty funny.

Survival of the Dead
And this just got a proper title. It's the latest movie from creator of the genre, the one and only George A. Romero. There isn't really a proper trailer out for this yet but I managed to find this often removed early trailer on youtube. So take a look now before it gets removed again. His latest movies might not be the best (I really do like Diary though) but I still have faith in the old man. He hasn't screwed up as much as George Lucas yet.

And lastly here's something that isn't even a movie. It's a great looking tv-show that has been in production for years. It's pure Romero and it looks pretty great. Rumours say they're close to getting a distribution deal (but I guess they missed out on being the first zombie tv-show to Dead Set which aired in the UK last year) so lets hope for the best. If you head over to the main site at http://www.lifelesstheseries.com/ you can check out a couple of clips.

So to conclude this list..

Let's hope you're not too tired of this genre yet. Ha!
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