June 1st, 2009


A strip.. / What the hell should I do?!

Here's a strip about a conversation I had with my dad over the phone.


Parents huh?

Aaaanyway... Due to the state of the economy these days the bank where I work at have been forced fire alot of people. As my contract would run out by the end of august I get to work to the end of that. Not a big deal for me as I was thinking about quitting at that time anyway.

Now the question is... What the hell should I do this fall?

I've saved up ALOT of money.. I could travel for a pretty long time and study for the amount I've saved up. So this fall I will have total freedom combined with money. And it's just months away! :S So I really need to decide on something to do.

I plan on studying something on Fall next year so these plans will be for this fall/winter and for spring/summer next year. I'll probably seek into some film school during the spring.

A couple of ideas:

- Travel around Europe going from hostel to hostel.
This would probably be a bit expensive and the fall/ winter isn't the most fun time to travel in europe. However it would probably be the safest and easiest way to travel by yourself.

- Go to asia and backpack around there (Thailaind, China etc..).
This would be cheap and warm. But the thought of traveling alone in places like that scares me. A friend plans on traveling around these parts starting November and into the next year so I might meet up with him later on.

- Study french in France for about half a year or something.
I've been thinking about this for some time. I've liked france since I was little and I would really like to be able to read all the kick-ass comics that are in french. But a trip like this would probably be the best to do after you've traveled around as there's a high posibility that you would like to stay longer when you've settled in.

- Road-trip through America.
I'll probably do this next summer just before I start studying. Two friends have showed interest in doing this as well.. Also I don't have a drivers license yet.

Anyone else have any ideas or any input?

I have to say though, that the thought of traveling alone like this scares the crap out of me. But I really think this would help me get out of my shell. I'm way to scared to do new things and talk to new people. I think doing some kind of trip like this would really be good for me.

If I end up just sitting around here at my parents house for the rest of the year doing nothing I will be forced to spend all my money on some really expensive suicide contraption as I don't deserve the privilege of living.
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