April 13th, 2009

tank girl

My first actual comic.

Here's a comic me and my sister have been working on. I wrote and drew up how each panel should be and then she drew it all pretty.

It's my third comic script I've written but the only one that has actually been "finished" with art and stuff. I wrote a non-related story some years ago but we never finished that. And then I wrote the first part of this story which actually started from the start. But I decided to start with this story instead which is pretty much in the middle.

We'll hopefully do more parts of this with the same character.

It's the story of this homeless person that travels around europe (maybe outsite of europe too in the future) and learns all kinds of strange things about the world. I'm aiming for a sort of magical realism universe. Where everything is pretty much like our world, only with small bizarre almost magical differences.

I've written the second part which my sister is (hopefully) drawing now. She's pretty busy with school and I'm just tired of work all the time so it might take a long time between finished parts of this story.

Keep in mind that this isn't really finished. I just did the speechbubbles quickly so i could see if this worked at all. We'll hopefully do the panels nicer and then maybe even color it.

Oh and it's a pretty short story of only 6 pages so do try to not read through it too fast. I tend to read my comics pretty slowly and look att every panel closely. I think that's how I write my comics to be read as well.


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I haven't really decided on a title for this yet. The working title is just Vagabond which I might stick with.

I'm also thinking about Trashcan Vagabond or Trashcan Odyssey.

So, what did you think?
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