March 29th, 2009

tank girl

Looking forward to losing my job.


The bosses at my work have discussed ways to cut costs and will do an announcement on thursday. Everybody is pretty sure they will lay people off.

I'm pretty much doomed. Not only am I the last one in, I'm also pretty non-essential.. also I really suck at my job. I'm surprised I haven't been kicked earlier. I guess I'll have a nice long summer break.

Good thing I've been saving crazy amounts of money since I started working and was pretty much planning on quitting later in the summer to go traveling.

And on a non-related point, here's a list of the very few good swedish movies in existence. It was something I posted on a movie blog on the topic of "Let the right one in" some days ago. Maybe some of you might find it interesting.

Fyra nyanser av brunt (2004)
(by the same director as “let the right one in”)

Tic Tac (1997)
(huh, just found out it’s by the brother of the director of “let the right one in”)

Smala Sussie (2003)
(like a swedish pulp fiction.. set in a small town out in the middle of nowhere)

Farväl Falkenberg (2006)
(You either hate this one or love it. I was really really moved by it. Very much aimed at men in the 20's.)

Sånger från andra våningen (2000)
(very special movie, check out the other movies by the same director, he's a one of a kind)

Psalmer från köket (2003)
(Ok, this might be more norwegian, but I think it’s co-produced with sweden and one of the leads is swedish, it’s great anyway!)

Lilja 4-ever (2002)
(the director started making some annoying arty-farty movies after this one, but his previous movies are truly fantastic too)

Den Osynlige (2002)
(not great but pretty good, hollywood did a remake called “the invisible” or something)

Vägen ut (1999)
(haven’t seen this comedy for ages but I do remember really liking it)

Stockholm Boogie (2005)
(might not be the deepest movie but I was really entertained by it, some really nice stockholm summer scenery too)

Hamilton (1998)
(one of the few okay swedish action films.. and there’s really really few of those, Mark Hamill plays the villain (!) This might not be that good really, haven't seen it in years. But some of you might find a swedish action film to be neat)

Masjävlar (2004)
(just a well-made good and fun drama set in the far north of sweden)

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