February 19th, 2009

tank girl

It's a disaster!!

Hmm, I have to realize I'm not really too fond of concerts. The sound is usually worse than on the CD (*cough*MP3*cough*) and it's a pain to stand for over an hour. (I'm weak) And it doens't help that I'm usually much shorter than most people so It's a constant struggle to see anything of the band.

However, the Amanda Palmer show I saw in london about a week ago was pretty sweet. I didn't see ANYTHING and I probably drank a bit too much because my memory of the show isn't the best. I seem to do that alot with concerts. At the time, the concert actually feels better if I'm a bit drunk. But afterwards when I hardly remember anything it feels kind of pointless.

I don't think I'll bother much with concerts anymore.

The band playing before Amanda Palmer turned out to be this great swedish band (group?) Detektvibyrån (the detective agency). They sound pretty much exactly like Yann Tiersen (he did the Amelie soundtrack) only with a bit of an electronic sound. (Yann Tiersen fucking rocks so that really is a compliment)

I've listened to them since their first EP so I was extremely happy and surprised to see them play before Amanda Palmer. I ended up talking to them a bunch after the show and got two (of three) of them to sign one of their shirts they were selling.

Then two days later in London I planned to see Chrome Hoof but it was sold out. We tried finding some club but it turned out impossible to get into any after 11. Very strange. They don't want customers in their clubs in london apparently.

I've had similar problems in London before and I have to realize it actually isn't that good of a nightlife city.

I finally read Watchmen and it rocked. Wasn't the best thing evah, but really good. I guess you have to look at it in the context of how american comics had been prior to it to see its genius.

I have my doubts about the movie though. But we'll see i guess.

Oh, and I just found out fucking Dresden Dolls have played in sweden. I did it by seeing this photo:


That's Amanda Palmer wearing a shirt from one of the bigger swedish clubs in Stockholm. I did some research (google) and found out that Dresden Dolls played at the club in 2004.

I missed a Dresden Dolls show in SWEDEN... by 4 years!! ;( I had no idea.

AAAnyway. Me and my sister have started to do a multi-part comic where every part is about six pages long. She did a killer job with the art on the first part and demanded I would write some more scripts. So I did a second part and is in the progress of scripting the third one now.

I might post it here or maybe even do a new blog and make into a proper webcomic. I'll just have to see how the end product turns out.

I'm actually quite excited about writing comic scripts. I've started to learn how to do it more or less painless. Would be cool if I actually had a future in writing. I had almost given up on a creative job even though I've slowly started realizing I really can't stand doind something I hate most of the day. It really is horrible.

God damn I'm just babbling on here aren't I? I'll see about scanning in some of the comic pages so people can see my sisters amazing art. And maybe, hopefully enjoy the stories too.

The new Scott Pilgrim book was highly enjoyable.

And todays movie to watch is Timecrimes. One of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a long long time I think.
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