January 6th, 2009

spider jerusalem

Amanda Palmer here I come!


Amanda Palmer (of Dresden Dolls) and the Danger Ensemble plays in London on February the 4th.

The tickets were sold out yesterday but then I noticed you could book some today.

I checked flights and found som super cheap, like ONE dollar there and back WITHOUT TAXES.
(they added a VISA-fee then for about 15$. But still, super cheap!)

I just finished booking everything.

So in February I'm going to London to see Amanda Palmer! Booyah!


Then I'm thinking about seeing Moriarty play in Berlin on January the 25th.

Found some flights just as cheap as the ones to London.

I'm not sure I can get two more days of from work so close to the others though. I'm hoping the flight prices haven't been raised when I check with work tommorow.

Listen to Moriarty here.

I have a crapload of other bands I want to see all over, but I guess I have to prioritize.
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