October 20th, 2008

tank girl

Haven't done strip in a while...

First strip in a long long time here...


In the last week or so I've seen;

Wall-E (Excellent! Probably the best sci-fi movie I've seen from mainstream Hollywood in years.)

The Fall (Damn beautiful and touching movie. That little girl rocks the casbah on acting, I bet she thought everything was real and is scarred for life.)

Dance of the Dead (Not really groundbreaking as media seems to say, maybe even cliché. But a great fun little zombie flick.)

Indiana Jones 4 (I had really low expectations so i was pleasantly surprised, better than the second movie.)

Incredible Hulk (Not the best movie ever, but a solid action flick.)

The Happening (Terrible... so horrible...)

In just two days they're releasing the program for the Stockholm Internation Film Festival...

Woo! Can't wait!
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