October 7th, 2008

tank girl

In a pocket of post-apocalyptic imagery.. or Hells yeh! Abandoned amusement park!!

Last end of july - early august I went to visit two close friends who lives in Berlin, Germany.

It was pretty much only over a weekend, thursday evening to sunday evening. I had a great great time. Most trips recently have been with my guy friends and those trips have usually only been about drikning and partying (excellent fun though) but this trip was more about bicycling around Berlin (damn was it alot of bicycling, damn friends don't have any money) in great fucking weather, bathing, eating water melon, having nightly barbeques in parks and just having som pretty great sober fun.

Not that we didn't drink and go out at night (we are still swedish). Bicycling drunk to and from clubs at night in an unknown city is insane.. insanely fun that is!

And insane.


One thing I've always wanted to check out in berlin are the insane (there's that word again) amounts of abandoned buildings. And one place in particular I've wanted to check out was this big totally untouched abandoned amusement park right in the middle of the city.

Luckily for me one of my friends had been there just days earlier so she could guide us there with ease. An interesting thing was that we kept hearing about people she knew who had been there recently as well.

It seems like a place most young people in Berlin have atleast visited once.

We didn't spend that much time in there when we managed to get in though, my friends started to get nervous and wanted to bail before being caught by security.

I didn't get the most varied photos but I decided to post a couple of them anyway.


The first photo I took of the place. Taken outside through a fence. We kept being followed by this car all the while taking photos of the place from outside. We're guessing it was security just waiting to catch us going in. We went all around to the other side when we eventually decided to go in.

Information booths I'm guessing. The most interesting thing about these was all the flyers on the floor with times for acts or concerts. They must have been laying there on the floor since the place closed down over 10 years ago. A picture of those flyers is posted later on in this post.



And here's that flyer. Over 10 years it's been there. I think that's pretty cool.

And an overgrown entrance to the place. Now we're finally inside the amusement park. We were so damn scared of getting caught. Sneaking around like we were avoiding snipers or something.

Ah, the overgrown roads with some kind of train-track. Took a couple of photos of this but this was the only photo where you could actually se the track. When we walked further into the forest you came to point where you couldn't even see the asphalted road anymore. Just vegetation everywhere. Damn beautiful for a fan of post-apocalyptic imagery like myself.

And the classic roller-coaster. It wouldn't be an amusement park without one of these. When we found this I was pretty happy and didn't mind too much that my friends wanted to go out. I was pretty limited in the angle to take photos of it so most of my pictures look pretty much the same.

I wanted to take a look at the building there but my friends had grown increasingly nervous and the place was pretty much in the open.

So this was where we decided to go back outside.



Ah damn, such a great place. And it's comforting to know the place have sttod there abandoned for over 10 years so I probably still have time to check it out again.

Btw, later that day we met some people one of my friends knew in berlin. It turned out they had been to the amusement park as well that very same day and been caught by security and thrown out.

Maybe it was a good thing I had careful friends with me.
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