April 6th, 2008

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I'm so fucking angry right now.

Last thursday Hugo Boss who shares the same building as my job hade a sale and were selling things really cheap. I bought a new jacket that I think cost about 400$ in a store but I got it for about 120$.

I decided to use it for the first time on saturday when I went out to a club. I put it in the closet of a club named Ace and when I came back to get it again they had lost it. I had my passport, mp3-player and keys to my home in it.

They didn't seem to want to compensate me but they gave me a phone number to some guy named Daniel that would be the guy behind the club. I called the number today and some woman answered.

I called all the numbers on the clubs website but none works.

I wrote a mail and if they don't answer that I don't know what to do. I did call the police last night so I guess I could get some compensation from the insurance company.

But this is so damn frustrating.

I only got to wear the damn jacket maybe 3 hours.

And I have to get a new passport and change the lock to the apartment.



I called a friend who's somewhat of a vandal and said the place is open for vandalism if they want.

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