March 31st, 2008


Cleaning out my friendslist

Wow, I really haven't used my LJ much these last couple of months. I rarely check my friendslist at all lately. And I think I know why, I had accumulated about 700 people on the friendslist which resulted in alot of really uninteresting posts to skim through every time I decided to check the friendslist.

I tend to add every people that post something remotely interesting or pretty. And all the artist/illustrator communities are really pointing me towards some talented people. I think I usually add a couple of people every time I check the friendslist.

But I decided to clean it out, there had to be a bunch of people on my list that I really wasn't that interested in.

So the last couple of hours I've been going through the list and every person who made some uninteresting post I checked if they had friended me, and if not, I checked the rest of their journal and removed them if I wasn't interested in what they posted.

I basically just kept the journals where people posted pretty pictures like drawings and comics.

I think I've removed about 50 people so far, and added one. (dammit)

All this removing people from my friendslist has really made me feel like a dick, I've really been harsh in removing people and some of them probably didn't deserve it.

However, there has been a couple of people I really have no idea why had them on there in the first place. Like total strangers writing about their day-to-day life. Weird.

I'm probably going to keep removing people every time I check my friendslist now until I have a managable amount of people on there.

But like I wrote, I feel like a dick now.


In other news I've decided to try and get a "proper" job at the office I'm currently working part-time doing simple boring stuff. I'm trying to get the job instead of trying to get into some school for graphic design or whatever.

I'm probably making a mistake here and will be stuck at an office job for the rest of my life.

Oh, well. It pays pretty good so I guess I can lie to myself a couple of years before I realize I've made a mistake.

Hopefully I'll only work there for about a year saving up enough money to be able to make some kick-ass trip somewhere. Maybe getting a drivers license and car and then go out on a road trip before looking for an education doing something creative.

I seriously don't think I can handle spending years doing a job I hate. Hopefully that will win over my extreme procrastination and force me to be creative.

I should probably just go and live another country and force myself to grow up or something.

But I guess I'm too lazy.


I'm going to a music festival in Germany in June called Rock Am Ring. There's some pretty good bands playing there and the festival has already sold out. We got tickets mere days before.

Here's a couple of bands/artists I want to see there:

Bad Religion
Hot Chip
In Flames
Jonathan Davis
Queens Of The Stone Age
Rage Against The Machine
Roisin Murphy
Serj Tankian
The Fratellis
The Futureheads
The Hellacopters
The Prodigy
The Streets
Eagles Of Death Metal
Manic Street Preachers
The Offspring

A friend said there aren't any girls on that festival.. this worries me. But the same friend also said the festival never sells out, but they did just that weeks ago, so... I'm hoping he's wrong on this too.

A festival with only german men does not sound that fun.


I'm sorry this post is so long and doesn't have any pretty pictures in it.

Please don't removie me from your friendslist. :(
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