February 12th, 2008

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My First UE Excursion

In late spring/early summer last year when walking around in Stockholm I had the luck to stumble upon an abandoned factory building about to be demolished. Even luckier I happened to have my digital camera with me.

The whole building was behind this fence and I debated for a long time with myself if I should enter or not. I went around the entire building and found a perfect spot to climb in and decided to go exploring.

For a long time I've wanted to do some Urban Exploring but as a serious procrastinator with everything I've never really bothered trying. This is pretty much my first and only abandoned building I've been to.

I ended up spending several hours there taking a couple of hundred photos.

Alot of the building was underground where there were no light or windows whatsoever. I had to take pictures and look at them on the cameras display to be able to see where I was going most of the time. (as this excursion wasn't planned I didn't have any equipment like flashlights etc)



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I returned the following weekend and they had already demolished half of what had been there when I was there. I doubt there's any trace of this building left now.
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