December 3rd, 2007

Twain in Tesla's Lab

Blessed with the thought of another persons misfortune

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I was then dissapointed to find out the kid just hit the sign with his hand or something. But for a couple of seconds I was blessed with the mental image of a kid hanging upside down by its legs around its parents shoulders. Unconscious with the arms hanging down.

And this years Stockholm Film Festival was excellent. All the movies I saw was pretty much good.

But I especially recommend:

Eagle vs Shark
This movie was alot like Napoleon Dynamite but much more serious and with a point.

Flippin' great zombie film, probably the best if you want to be scared.

I'm A Cyborg, but that's OK
A touching and beautiful love story about two crazy people living in an asylum, from the director of OldBoy.

Into the Wild
True story about a 20-something guy that just decides to travel america and then live alone in the alaskan wilderness.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
True story based on the biography of a magazine (Elle) editor (or something, I'm not sure) who gets entirely paralyzed except for his left eye. It's called the "locked in syndrome" and he can only communicate by blinking. He wrote a book by just stopping people (by blinking) when they read the alphabet out loud. Inredible story and movie. I cried like a baby in the theatre but the movie was actually quite uplifting.

That is all.
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