November 6th, 2007

American Astronaut

Random stuff

Oh hell, forgot to mention. My trip to london was flippin' great! The Mindless Self Indulgence show was excellent! (even though I had hardly slept for two days and felt ill)

I spent more money on those five days London than I did for the entire month I lived there after graduating from High School. And I had an extremely good time! (well spent money in my eyes)

Bought two comics that I have now finished.

Blankets Which I thought was just okay. (don't kill me) But I haven't had a christian upbringing or been in love, I guess I couldn't relate. But I really liked all the childhood and winter stuff though. Which I guess I could relate too. It was excellently written and drawn, so all in all good.

And the other comic was Street Angel which I finished earlier today. One word.


I hope they make more!

And then I turned a friend towards Fell and Bear (which he thought was a Jhonen Vasquez comic and now refuses to admit it's not even though it says Jamie Smart on the cover), and I allmost got him to buy Gutsville but they only had issue two.

I urge everyone to read Gutsville. It's incredible!

Todays music suggestions are:

Luminescent Orchestrii
Asakusa Jinta

And the new albums from:

Prefuse 73
Nervous Cabaret

And these following movies are good:

Knocked Up
This Is England
28 Weeks Later

And I actually liked the new Resident Evil movie! (I love post-apocalyptic and zombie movies)

In about two weeks time it's the Stockolm International Film Festival 2007 and these are the movies I will see there:

King of California
The Go-Getter
Eagle vs Shark
Watching the Detectives
Rocket Science
Paranoid Park
The Nines
I'm a Cyborg, but that's OK
American Crime
Hallam Foe
Autumn Ball
Into the Wild
Room 205
Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
No Country for Old Men
The Great World of Sound

That is all.

Oh oh oh! And is anyone else really missing Godspeed You! Black Emperor?

I am. ;(
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