July 23rd, 2007


Super Mundane War Neurosis

Ever since I came back from two music festivals over a week ago I've exclusively had dreams about music festivals.

Several times I've woken up in this half awake dream-state still thinking I'm in a camp. And I'm really confused wondering who's camp it is. And then after a while I find it all strangely familiar and I think to myself, holy crap, this camp looks exactly like my bedroom. And I keep thinking that for quite awhile, observing everything in my room, but I still think I'm sitting outside under a party tent or something.

It's all very confusing.

It reminds me of the first weeks I worked at McDonald's, I had these horrible dreams about work. And I used to sleepwalk half-awake and try to use the laptop as a bread toaster (or whatever it's called in english, the thing you heat up the hamburger bread), putting in invisible trays of bread and closing the laptop over it.

It's like I have war neurosis but from really boring mundane stuff. If I ever go to war I'll totally kill people in my sleep years after! :S

And I've started working in an office now, but only for about a month. The work is extremely simple, I just scan in papers and then write into this program on the computer what kinds of papers i just scanned in. The pay is excellent and just this month will be enough money for the rest of the year while I fix one of my grades in this post-high-school-school for adults that has to fix their grades before starting further studies, or however I should explain it.

The work is really relaxing actually, I've never felt so rested after a 9 hour workday! :D

Although, I've only been at it for one day so I might go crazy after a few days, who knows?

Oh and...

Holy crap I found the batmobile!

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