July 17th, 2007

tank girl

Back from another festival!

Well I came back from the Arvika Music Festival yesterday.

I had a great time! Although I didn't really see much music this time, only saw on band on saturday and I didn't see anything on friday (mostly because I got caught in this christian camp on my way to the concert area and stayed there discussing for maybe 4 hours until I got too drunk and tossed out). I did manage to see a couple of bands on thursday atleast.

I had a great time on the camping area so I'm not sure it was too much of a waste of money though.

I wasn't that tired in the end surprisingly, I think I could've managed to be on 4 festival in row for a full month straight. I was thinking about doing that before but it seemed really hard.

Maybe next year.

Now I'm thinking about going to another festival next week. I'll just have to see how much money I have left now (I spent way to much on the Roskilde festival) and if anyone wants to join me. It seems like alot of my girl friends (as in friends that are girls, not girls that I'm together with) are free and has money this time, which might be interesting going with to a festival as I've been to the last ones only with guys but now they all seem to be busy or broke.

I already feel bored here at home that I actually want to go to a fourth festival now right away.

Otherwise I should probably get a job or something or I'll be broke for the rest of the year.

But I'd rather go to another festival.

The bands I saw this festival was:

Maia Hirasawa
Bloc Party
Frontline Assembly

And we actually went into town on friday and watched Transformers in a theatre all to ourselves!

It was a pretty bad movie in alot of ways... but hey, GIANT ROBOTS!!!

I had a blast! :D
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