July 10th, 2007

tank girl


So I got back from the Roskilde Music Festival last night at about 10pm. I wasn't tired at all but then I slept now for about 13 hours so I don't know.

I had an excellent time! Made a fool of myself on several occasions but that was to be expected.

It was a nice start on my Roskilde career as this was apparently the worst/craziest weather the festival has had since it start in '71. I guess it can only get better now! :D

I think it was pouring rain non-stop and storm winds for over 36 hours(!) one day there. And whole sections of the camps was flooded in water. I saw tents with water up to over your ankles. And things were floating around everywhere.

I didn't have any rain clothes with me so everything was soaked on the first hour.

I remember leaving my home in sweden with sunshine and then the closer I got to Denmark it just rained more and more.

I bought rain boots on the second day and I can safely say it's one of the best choices I've done in my life! And I think the 100 000 visitors of the festival agrees. You see hundreds of sneakers just popping up out from the mud by the place you bought the rain boots. Everybody just kicked off their shoes immidiately and put on their boots on the spot after buying them.

After the first days we had several small(ish) lakes on the campsites you had to cross.

It was crazy.

But really fun!



And cold. :S

I think atleast one person drowned to death. But on the plus-side it was the lowest ever on rapes and fights.

I pretty much just sat down the entire festival. When the concerts started on thursday (I got to the festival on monday) we started taking with us camping chairs and sat down watching most of the concerts. It was actually pretty nice.

On one of the concerts (for the band Tunng) we found this balconey by the stage, and we actually got to the front and put up our chairs there. I could see everything perfectly and I was sitting down. I've never been so comfortable on a concert before! :D

The bands I saw (or mostly heard because there was so much people and I sat down most of the time) this festival was:

Arcade Fire
Basement Jaxx
Beastie Boys
Bonde Do Role
In Flames
The Killers
Queens of the Stone Age
Red Hot Chili Peppers

And now tommorow at 9am I'm going to the Arvika Music Festival.

EDIT: I found this photo from the festival to give you an idea of how it might've been:

And here's a nice slideshow of photos from the festival:

EDIT 2: Here's an even better slideshow of photos from the festival where you can really se how wet it was at places:
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