March 17th, 2007

tank girl

Berlin strip!

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This is from when I was in berlin last december. Me and my friend Rickard started doing this thing where he gave thumbs up to all these random things we saw and I took a picture of it with my camera.

I think the first photo was just this piece of dogshit on the pavement or something and it escalated from there with me ending up with pretty much only pictures of him doing thumbs up to stuff.

We decided to take a picture of Rickard doing thumbs up when we went to see the jewish holocaust memorial monument. We did several "takes" because the sun had gone down and it was pitch black and hard to get a proper photo. It wasn't until right afterwards we realised what a stupid thing it really was.

Standing by a holocaust memorial monument taking a photo of someone doing thumbs up.
Shit, people must have thought we were nazis or something.

Anyway, ever since we started doing that I haven't been able to stop myself of doing thumbs up every time someone takes a photo of me.

On other stuff now when spring has come I've started to get a bit of a music festival abstinence. Been checking the bandlists for festivals and searching for festival videos on youtube all the day now.

Really crappy bandlists so far for the main festival I usually go to (the Hultsfred festival), not one band I really like on it. Only band I really want to see is flogging molly but I don't really listen to them that much. Really dissapointed. By this time I usually have atleast a couple of bands or artists I really want to see.

And then I found the bandlist for this American music festival called Bonnaroo, and it's pretty much on the exact same days as the Hultsfred festival. And they have so many fantastic bands and artists! No way they'll be in Sweden during that time.

Damn you Bonnaroo!!!

Damn you and your bandstealing ways!

And here I was hoping Tool would show up but they're playing on Bonnaroo. :(

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