January 28th, 2007

tank girl

Nothing to do = creativity

My friend asked if I wanted to help do a days work putting papers in envelopes at his father job last thursday. So we spent an entire day in a room just putting paper after paper into envelopes for hours!

We got there about 9.30am, but there were problems so we couldn't start working until 12.30pm, but we still got paid for those 3 hours of non-work where we just checked out youtube and went for lunch :D

After that we started working 12.30pm and worked non-stop for 9 hours without breaks! We finished about 8pm, the only ones left at the office. But it was pretty good payment so it was worth it, not that hard work really, just really really boring. I can understand why my friend asked me to join him. Hell, doing that alone would drive you insane!

Anyway, we spent 9 hours in a room just talking and talking and earlier today I remembered something amusing we said that I thought might work as a strip.

And this is it.

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Feels like it's the first strip I've done in a long long time. The last ones haven't been that great so I lost the ambition to more. But now I'm unemployed and have way too much time on my hands so I guess I'll start doing these again, mostly for myself.

I still don't know what to do with my time (or life). I hardly leave the house much, like only one time a week, every saturday to clubs with friends.

I still have money from when I was working so I don't really need a job that much. Just want to do something, but there's no jobs I want really. -sigh-

I don't have that much anxiety anymore though, I started writing again about two weeks ago and the anxiety just stopped. Which is nice!

I should probably buy music festival tickets for the summer now when I have money.

Been thinking about getting a drivers license, but it's hard and crazy expensive here. :(
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