December 18th, 2006


So I got back from Berlin today.

Got back earlier today just in time for homemade dinner by my mum. That was a pretty nice change after a week of only eating traditional german hamburgers, pizza and kebab.

Then I went to bed, woke up 5 hours later just in time to watch High Fidelity.

Had a pretty good time in Berlin. Not that much to say really. We mostly just drank alot of alcohol and then went out somewhere. The alcohol is super cheap over there.. or.. uh.. it's super expensive here! Which is prolly a good thing as swedens population would drop to zero from alocohol poisoning if it was cheaper.

Seriously, if I lived in Germany I would drink alcohol all the time. It's like 4 times cheaper than in sweden. Something that cost like 4 euros in Germany would cost over 20 euros here!

Anyway, I got really drunk and made a fool of myself alot.

Same old, same old I guess.

Another good thing about Berlin is that the clubs like never close. They're open to like 10 am and stuff which is excellent. In sweden you usually get really stressed to get there in time and if you're not out at 11pm you usually don't bother going out at all. But in berlin most people stayed at home drinking untill midnight before going out.

That's pretty much the only things that are alot better over there. It's not bad there at all, just not that different. We basically just did the same stuff we would do here.

We were so damn lazy. We usually woke up at like 1 or 2 pm and then stayed in bed untill 4 before going out to the city. Then we got home after like two hours and started drinking before going to some party or club.

But it was fun! :D

Next time I go there I think I'll have to try to be not as lazy and actually do stuff during the day. Didn't really feel like I did that much actually.

When I've uploaded all the photos we've taken I'll prolly make a realy big photo post.

I was going to buy another russian winter hat and then a gasmask.. but I forgot. =/

Oh and holy crap it's christmas in like a week! I haven't bought ANYTHING to NO ONE! :S

Oh, and I'm getting more and more miserable all the time. Even in Berlin on vacation I was miserable most days. GAH! What the hell should I do with my life?! It feels like everything sucks!

I'm starting to hate myself so damn much for being so crappy at life. I can't go on like this, seriously I just can't! But I don't know what else to do! :(
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