November 21st, 2006

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Stockholm Film Festival - Day 5

oh wow Electric Six and Hope Of The States released new albums this year too!

And midaircondo is really good!

Movies I saw today;

The Missing Star

Things To Do
Good script.
Good acting by some, bad by others.
Directing amateurish but okay, has potential.

And I've been planning on writing this webcomic but I can't decide on how to write it, from what perspective I mean. It's basically just world-building so the core ideas can be done in several different ways.

I had this idea from the start and I've written the first part with that, but then about a week ago I got this other idea, which is alot easier to write but probably has less drama and story to it.

But I still like it in a way, it's simple and episodic and I can share all these strange and surreal ideas I've been piling up.

It's annoying! I keep changing my mind on what I prefer so I can't start writing it for real!

The first way to write it is with a character you see experiencing the stuff, just like a normal comic about this character.

And the other way is this sort of fake journal-comic by a made up character experiencing the stuff and then telling people about it through a comic.

This way might just turn into exposition of the world and events instead of a real story. But I think I might be able to put in this sort of story, or drama if I really try. And I feel this was is alot easier and more natural writing. And it's alot easier just to jump into a setting really quickly by doing it journal-style.

But I have a feeling this is just me being lazy and trying to make it easy for me. And the first style is actually better story-telling, more by pictures and dialogue instead of these narrator like journal captions.


I really like the character on the first idea.. but the other gives alot more freedom in how to introduce all the stuff.

bah! I can't decide! I like both ways! :S

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