November 20th, 2006

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Stockholm Film Festival - Day 2 - 4

Wow, Clerks 2 was great! I'm glad I watched the first movie just days before.

Little Miss Sunshine was amazing! Great great movie! Everybody should watch it! Hilarious and sad! And with an excellent soundtrack by the excellent DeVotchKa.

Other movies I've seen...

Infödd Soldat (Indigènes)
Good and interesting french WW2 movie about soldiers from the colonies fighting for Frances liberation.

Mulberry Street (part of the Horror Night)
Entertaining horror movie about people in New York turning into rat-people, or uh, were-rats. Pretty much a zombie movie but with rat-people instead of zombies.

Subject Two (part of the Horror Night)
Interesting but slow movie about two persons in the snowy mountains experimenting with reviving the dead. One of the guys gets killed and brought back to life over and over again. Interesting once but I don't think I could watch it again.

The Last Hum (part of the Horror Night)
Bah! Slow and boring piece of crap!!! How the hell can they much such a uninteresting and boring movie with such an intriguing plot!

About this girl kidnapping her sisters murderer and asks people on the internet what to do with him.

Includes un-edited scene of kids walking around in the city for 5 minutes doing nothing else. Just them walking from one place to another. For over five minutes!!! (or so, no idea how long it really was, maybe even 10 minutes! :S) It felt like fucking forever!!! You could see people in the theatre getting really frustrated and annoyed (including me).

Funny thing towards the end, they had these small pauses in the movie with no sound and picture, only a black screen. And towards the end there when they had one of those you could see people hoping, really hoping the movie ended there. And then it started again and the entire theatre did a simultaneous sigh, a loud one too!

God damn! I'd allmost want to kidnap the movie maker and ask people on the internet what to do with him if this movie hadn't shown how fucking boring that apparently is!


Half Nelson
Great movie about this great teacher that is also a drug addict and about his growing friendship with one of his students that finds him in the toilet all drugged up needing help.

A Scanner Darkly
Just saw this, pretty interesting but I had this really bad headache so I couldn't concentrate, also there were no subtitles and some of the people talked really fast or mumbly which made me confused at times. I think I'll have to watch this again with subtitles. Looked really neat though.
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