November 17th, 2006

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Stockholm Film Festival - Day 1

So the stockholm film festival started yesterday and I saw one film, I actually think it was the first film of the entire festival. I think they mentioned that before the film started.

Anyway, the first film I saw was;

The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang, USA, 2006

It's like this Napoleon Dynamite film about a bunch of nerds and other weird people and them finding a footprint and poop from Bigfoot. It was ALOT like Napoleon Dynamite, the guy playing Napoleon actually did a small one-line "cameo" in it so I guess the filmmakers were fans of that movie.

It was pretty fun and entertaing, but not nearly as solid and good as Napoleon Dynamite, but still good I think.

So if you're a fan of Napoleon Dynamite (dear god I've written that title so many times now!) and want something similar check this out!

Tonight I'm seeing 4 movies! The last three are in this collection of horror movies you could buy a ticket for which starts at 22 pm and goes into the night. Acording to my calculations it should end at around 4 am or something.

But first I'm seeing this french WW2 movie called (in swedish) Infödd Soldat about these north-african soldiers. The title translates to something like, "Native Soldier".

Yesterday I were going to go to this concert by the excellent norwegian band Kaiser Orchestra but I'm really sick now and felt that would be pretty stupid considering I'm going to watch movies today non-stop till morning so I went home after yesterdays movie instead.. I still feel very sick.

I'm going to watch movies every day now for about 10 days, I'm really scared that I'll just get more and more sick every day, tonight is going to be hell! :S
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