October 22nd, 2006

tank girl

Eleven comics I really really really really want to read!


Writer: Craig Thompson
Artist: Craig Thompson
Publisher: Top Shelf

Wrapped in the landscape of a blustery Wisconsin winter, BLANKETS explores the sibling rivalry of two brothers growing up in the isolated country, and the budding romance of two coming-of-age lovers. A tale of security and discovery, of playfulness and tragedy, of a fall from grace and the origins of faith. A profound and utterly beautiful work.

Preview: http://www.topshelfcomix.com/preview.php?preview=blankets&page=1

Heard extremely good things about this and the art is gorgeous! The book is huge!

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Pride of Baghdad

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Niko Henrichon
Publisher: Vertigo

From one of America's most acclaimed comics writers a startlingly original look at life on the streets of Baghdad during the Iraq War inspired by true events. In the spring of 2003, a pride of lions escaped from the Baghdad Zoo during an American bombing raid. Lost and confused, hungry but finally free, the four lions roamed the decimated streets of Baghdad in a desperate struggle for their lives. In documenting the plight of the lions, Pride of Baghdad raises questions about the true meaning of liberation - can it be given, or is it earned only through self-determination and sacrifice? And in the end, is it truly better to die free than to live life in captivity? Based on a true story, Vaughan and Henrichon have created a unique and heartbreaking window into the nature of life during wartime, illuminating this struggle as only the graphic novel can.

Preview: http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?t=82394

It's by BKV.. it will rock!

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Writer: Matthew Loux
Artist: Matthew Loux
Publisher: Oni Press

Brian, Brad and Matt are best described as lovable perpetual losers. They're good guys who just lack direction and are all too happy to be enjoying that lazy time after high school. Their favorite thing to do in life is to play video games, eat junk food and kick around the suburban town they live in. All of this tranquil laziness is interrupted when Brian, Brad and Matt discover that the new girl Amber (of whom Matt is sweet on) is going to that night's big local rock show with Richard, the bully football jock. Determined to steer her away from Richard, the boys are launched off of their lazy rears and forced into a grand adventure. Chased by an irate football team, a vengeful troop of Girl Scouts and a stalking evil cat that may actually be possessed by Satan, our heroes are thrust into a giant rock 'n' roll videogame adventure.

Preview: http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=8526

Read parts of the preview and I really liked it, reminded me of Scott Pilgrim and that's always good! I think the preview there is like 70 pages so do check it out!

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Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall

Writer: Bill Willingham
Artist: Various
Publsiher: Vertigo

A volume full of backstories about the fairy- and folktale characters who figure in the hit comic book Fables gets the kind of classy treatment success merits. Every story in it is drawn by a different artist who shows off his or her distinctiveness in manners ranging from traditional comics realism and photo-based naturalism to Maxfield Parrish-Howard Pyle sumptuousness and a panoply of caricatural styles. The book is painted throughout, and it's debuting in hardcover. But is it any good? In a word, yes. From latter-nineteenth--century Fabletown in Manhattan, Snow White is dispatched to the Arabian sultan's court in the homeland to enlist his support in the fight against the Adversary, who drove the European fables into exile but hasn't yet threatened the Middle Eastern contingent. The ruler entraps her, and she must, a la Scheherazade, tell him the primary contents of the book to stay alive while wooing his cooperation. The stories are both clever and psychologically explanatory of the characters as they appear in the ongoing, contemporarily set Fables story.

Preview: http://comics.ign.com/articles/720/720966p1.html

Fables is one of the best comics getting published right now and the preview art I'v seen was beautiful!

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The Pro

Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Amanda Conner
Publisher: Image

She curses, she smokes, she breast-feeds and she blows away the competition. Just when you think Garth Ennis has gone too far, just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets, just when you thought no one would go near the idea of the world's first superhero prostitute...here comes The Pro!

Preview: ???

Garh Ennis script + Amanda Conner art = something.. uh.. really good. (I hope and think)

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Black Hole

Writer: Charles Burns
Artist: Charles Burns
Publisher: Pantheon

Suburban Seattle, the mid-1970s. We learn from the out-set that a strange plague has descended upon the area's teenagers, transmitted by sexual contact. The disease is manifested in any number of ways - from the hideously grotesque to the subtle (and concealable) - but once you've got it, that's it. There's not turning back.

As we inhabit the heads of several key characters - some kids who have it, some who don't, some who are about to get it - what unfolds isn't the expected battle to fight the plague, or bring heightened awareness to it , or even to treat it. What we become witness to instead is a fascinating and eerie portrait of the nature of high school alienation itself - the savagery, the cruelty, the relentless anxiety and ennui, the longing for escape.

And then the murders start.

As hypnotically beautiful as it is horrifying, Black Hole transcends its genre by deftly exploring a specific American cultural moment in flux and the kids who are caught in it- back when it wasn't exactly cool to be a hippie anymore, but Bowie was still just a little too weird.

To say nothing of sprouting horns and molting your skin...

Preview: http://www.randomhouse.com/pantheon/graphicnovels/blackholespread1.html

Everybodys saying this is so good so I figure I better read it. (It seems and looks really good though)

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Teenagers From Mars

Writer: Rick Spears
Artist: Rob G
Publisher: Gigantic Graphic Novels

When Macon, a young comic book artist, is targeted by the local censors for obscenity, he targets back. With the help of Max, a grave robbing thirteen-year-old, and Madison, the strong and independent punk beauty, he forms the world’s first comic book liberation army. It’s a story about kids getting in trouble and falling in love. It’s about a rolled up comic book stuffed in one back pocket with a still warm slingshot crammed in the other. It’s about making comics dangerous again.

Preview: ???

I remember seeing a small preview of it some time ago and really liked it, been looking for it in comic shops but it seems I'll have to order it online or something.

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Flight Vol.3

Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Publisher: Ballantine

With truly stellar art from masters of the field, this fantasy anthology is a must for comics connoisseurs and a delight to readers who like pretty stories. Fanciful tales of children, monsters, fairy-filled forests and imagined worlds create an enchanted escape. Some of the stories are entirely wordless, while others are told from a child's point of view. Tony Cliff's "Old Oak Trees," recounts how the author's grandmother found a sort of "Wind in the Willows" gang of talking animals who live and love and play cricket in the local woods. Ben Hatke's "The Edge" follows two brothers who find out who really lives at the edge of the world. Kean Soo's almost heartbreakingly winning "Jellaby" is an account of a girl and a monster at a tea party. Multiple Academy Award–nominee Bill Plympton tells the story of "The Cloud," a little puff of vapor who just wants to float into representational shapes, but is squelched by its elders. Editor Kibuishi's contribution is also charmingly drawn but far from lighthearted; it details what happens when boys playing soldiers turn into men. Flight mixes the influences of comics, animation and classic children's illustration into a timeless fantasy.

Preview: http://www.flightcomics.com/flight3preview/

Volume one and two of this has been so awesome and I would have bought it already if I hadn't (until recently) forgot about it being released. Best damn anthologies ever!

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier

Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Kevin O'Neill
Publisher: Wildstorm

England in the mid 1950s is not the same as it was. The powers that be have instituted...some changes. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen have been disbanded and disavowed, and the country is under the control of an iron-fisted regime. Now, after many years, the still youthful Mina Murray and a rejuvenated Allan Quatermain return and are in search of some answers. Answers that can only be found in a book buried deep in the vaults of their old headquarters, a book that holds the key to the hidden history of the League throughout the ages: The Black Dossier. As Allan and Mina delve into the details of their precursors, some dating back centuries, they must elude their dangerous pursuers who are Hell-bent on retrieving the lost manuscript... and ending the League once and for all.

Preview: ???

Wow.. this has taken ages to get released, it's out on wednesday now I think. Anyway, it's by Alan Moore and the previous LoEG stories has been really great so I expect nothing less.

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King City

Writer: Brandon Graham
Artist: Brandon Graham
Publisher: Tokyopop

Our introduction to King City begins a guy named Joe. Joe is a young man with no home, no purpose, and almost no friends...though he does have a very special cat. With a simple injection, Joe's cat can be anything: a weapon, a tool, or even a cuddly companion. But what--if anything--can transform Joe? Whatever it is, it can probably be found in King City; an outrageous semi-futuristic city full of spy gangs, alien porn, and reasonably priced diners.

Preview: http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?s=01d44962a907d2a1644a95523bd278ab&threadid=58957

I love the art and comics of Brandon Graham and I've been waiting for this (or any other comic by him) ever since reading Escalator for the first time.

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The Quitter

Writer: Harvey Pekar
Artist: Dean Haspiel
Publisher: Vertigo

In this virtuoso graphic novel, Harvey Pekar — whose American Book Award-winning series American Splendor was the basis for the celebrated film of the same name — tells the story of his troubled teen years for the first time, when he would beat up any kid who looked at him wrong just to win the praise of his peers. And when he failed to impress, whether on the football team, in math class, in the Navy or on the job, he simply gave up. A true tour-de-force, THE QUITTER is the universal tale of a young man's search for himself through the frustrations, redemptions and complexities of ordinary life.

With gritty, atmospheric artwork by indie-comics luminary Dean Haspiel (American Splendor, Opposable Thumbs), THE QUITTER is both Pekar's funniest and most heart-wrenching work yet, an unforgettable graphic novel for all those, like Pekar, who have tried, failed and lived to quit another day.

Preview: http://www.newsarama.com/Vertigo/Quitter/FiveQuitter.htm

Haven't read American Splendor (only seen the movie) but the art is really good and I've heard good things about this.

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