October 4th, 2006

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The Mighty Boosh is the best thing.. like ever!

Me You And Everyone We Know is an excellent film with and excellent soundtrack by that guy who made the excellent music for Donnie Darko.

Tommorow I'm going to Finland and coming home on sunday, but my damn cd-player is broken so i can only use my 240mb mp3-player.. that's only like three albums! That's not nearly enough music I need for a four day trip! What the hell am I gonna do?! I'm doomed!!!

Today I bought the Demo Collection by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan, I'm gonna read it on the cruise to Finland, my expectations are dangerously high.

This falls shows has started to air (in the U.S. of course, I download every episode the next day) and I'm anxiously awaiting new Lost tonight and new Battlestar Galactica on friday (the webisodes has helped alot with the withdrawal).

And then I started watching Heroes last week and was dissapointed. But last mondays episode was alot better so I think I'll watch a couple of more episodes.

I also started watching Jericho two weeks ago (although I saw the Pilot weeks before) and as a fan (big fan) of post-apocalyptic fiction I'm liking it so far, third episode tonight, hopefully I'll find a download tommorow before going to finland.

They started airing the second season of Veronica Mars two weeks ago here in sweden, saw the first episode but missed the second one due to work, and then missed the re-run.. I'll prolly have to download that ep or something.. which is annoying.

I've really started to like Star Trek The Next Generation, we're up to season four or something and I hadn't seen it before, and the first season was a bit meh, but it really improved in season 2. I only started watching any star trek around when Voyager started, so my expectations were pretty low.

I really like the new Mars Volta, Decemberists and Anna Ternheim (swedish singer/songwriter) albums, great stuff! (the decemberists album is far from their best album though, sadly, slightly dissapointed in that one, still great though!)

For some reason I've really really really wanted to see the 80's movie Miracle Mile again. I watched it for the first time a couple of years ago and it really made an impression! Been looking for fast downloads of it for days now, and finally, today I found someone who had it. So I think I'll watch that tonight. The movie is highly recommended! http://imdb.com/title/tt0097889/

Other movies I'm planning on seeing is Everything Is Illuminated and Thank You For Smoking.

I'm finding it impossible to find Flight Vol.3 in the comic shops here, I think I'll have to order it or something. Bah!

I'm going to Berlin around october 21 for a week or so, I can't wait! =D

It doesn't seem like I'm going to London to see The Dresden Dolls this november, sadly.. There's too much hassle with getting the concert tickets and then the flight tickets etc etc.. ;( -sigh-

I bought my first actual book last week (school really killed my interest in books), Charlaine Harris Dead Until Dark. One of my favourite script writers Alan Ball (American Beauty, Six feet under) liked these vampire books so much that he's going to make a tv-show based on them, on HBO! So when I saw the books in a sci-fi bookstore here I just had to buy the first one and read it. I think I have about one chapter left, I like it! But then I realize it's a vampite romance novel and I feel embarrased, but then I read it and like it again. I think I'll buy the rest of the books too. And then maybe the Anita Blake books and then move onto other great books, prolly some sci-fi, there's lots of great books out there! Who knew?!

Movies I'm really really really really looking forward to are The Fountain, The Prestige, Children Of Men, Pans Labyrinth and Jackass 2!

And I am so fucking jealous of you americans and your Halloween! ;/
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