September 25th, 2006

tank girl

When nerds fall in love.

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Hmm, I don't know, the pace seems off somehow.

Anyway, the conversation at the start there took place last year I think, and my friend described how she thought it felt alot more than I wrote in this strip (I might add that we were slightly drunk while having that conversation), I remember actually recognizing the feeling she described from all those things listed in strip. Like when I've seen a really good movie in a movie theater and I sit around during the end credits just taking everything in and feeling absolutely happy, and still get a bit of that happiness when I think about it afterwards.

I found it amusing that I felt this thing she calls love, but for movies and such. Been thinking of doing a strip about it for a long time but never could think of any decent ending for it, untill I came up with this one early one morning (or night more like it, about 4 am) when I walked to work to work breakfast.

Just to clarify I now know that I have been really interested in certain girls (crush or whatever), just that at that time I wasn't so sure.

Hmm, this might actually be one of the most personal strips I've ever made.

Photobucket forced me to make the strips into two files because it was too tall and you couldn't read it when they automatically resized it, hopefully it doesn't get all screwy for anyone.

Another fun thing about that night was that I drank wine, basically for the first time (to get really drunk by it) and I drank an entire box of wine really fast. And got so extremely drunk that I went out of the club/party-thingy about an hour later and laid down on the pavement and just laid there for a long time for no reason at all. Some girl showed up and sat there and talked for me for what felt like a long time, then when I started like throwing up but not really she called for help, the police showed up and drove me to this youth center. Where i woke up the next day really confused and had to leave a urine sample and talk to a psychologist and a bunch of other people.

I wasn't allowed to leave the place until I was 100% sober.

I left the place at around 1 pm.

Months later I had to go and talk to this other psychologist or something and convince her that I wasn't an alcoholic.

Haven't drunk wine since. (or been that drunk)


Also, I like comments. (they feed my creative life force)
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