August 18th, 2006

tank girl

DVD Box Art for the indie zombie movie Risen I made

There was this contest last december to make the DVD art for the indie zombie movie Risen, and the winner would actually be the one who made the DVD art for the movie.

At a time when I was unemployed and really bored I decided to try do one myself. I never finished it though, only worked on it for a night or two, but I just found this again and decided to post what I did.

You downloaded this pack with the title font and pictures from the movie to use and stuff, so the plot there is the actual plot and all the pictures is from the movie.

Check it out!
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The middle part there with the pool of blood and dummy I took from pictures I found the net, just to see how it would look. I were going to take my own pictures of those to use. This really isn't finished.

Here's the post about the Contest:

And then the poll where people could vote on the winner (and see what the other people made):

Here's the movie-site:

They have a trailer up and stuff, and the movie should be finished soon (they say) I think it looks okay.

Anyone think I had a chance at winning this?
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