July 28th, 2006

tank girl

First hair cut in over a year!

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This was just strange, I really have no idea why she assumed I would study to become a carpenter. I mentioned nothing about carpenting, or anything connected with it. After she said that told her I would probably study graphic design, and I think she replied with something like "-oh, you're one of those."


Anyway, the haircut turned out excellent, atleast compared to what I had before which was hair that I hadn't cut in over a year, and I've basically just gone with the flow adapting my haircut to what works best with how the hair had grown. I wore a hat alot in the end there.

Everyone is saying it looks so much better now, friends, family, people from work, everyone!

It must have really looked like crap before! :D

Lets see how it turns out with time now, I'll prolly cut my hair again in about a year now!
(nah! I have money now so I'll prolly be cutting it more often, it's so much easier and nicer having short hair)
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