July 24th, 2006

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Heh. I'm such a selfish bastard!

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So this guy from works calls me, sounding really sick, and asks if I could maybe take his entire shift this day when I had a day off. I told him all kinds of lies telling him I was really busy and couldn't.

Right after he hung up I went back to the computer, put the headphones on and just sat there staring at the screen, staring at my music program on the computer playing music, doing nothing else.

Ha! I'm a jerk!

But seriously, it was my day off! I didn't want to work!

In other related news I got my schedule for august and it's pure evil.. I ONLY have opening the ENTIRE MONTH!!! That combined with these last two weeks in july where I also have ONLY OPENINGS EVERY WORK DAY!!! Makes it SIX WEEKS OF ONLY OPENINGS STARTING AT 5AM EVERY FUCKING WORK DAY!!!

I was not happy.

So last wednesday I was dead-certain I would quit this job.. BUT! There was no damn boss at my job that day, and not on thursday either! Nor on friday and saturday!!!

I can't fucking quit my job!!!

Not until the real boss gets back from her vacacation on august the 1st.

I was starting to fear this was just a horrible nightmare and if I tried stepping outside the restaurant I would just get inside it again in some magical way, trapping me there in som unholy nightmarish way! :S

But, during these days my anger has slowly dissipated, talking with work mates and stuff, so I'm going to talk to my boss when she gets back about changing my schedule so I don't just have openings.. because that would suck so hard. And then probably end after august.

It seems kinda dumb to quit this job if I don't have a new job on the horizon, so I'm going to spend august looking for other jobs and then quit after august.

Or I'm just gonna quit when I meet the boss on august 1st..

I haven't decided yet.

Oh, and I went to the arvika music festival last week because I missed the roskilde festival (sold-out when I was gonna buy tickets) and it was awesome! First time there, and it's alot smaller than the other festivals I went to/planned to go, but everything was so concentrated that it was really crazy, with alot of weird interesting people. Good times! :D

I'm thinking of going to yet another festival called Augustibuller (um, like "august noise" in english) at the begining of august if I can get any friends with me.

Wow, these entries always get alot longer than planned.
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