June 28th, 2006

tank girl

damn money! can't you just show up without me having to do something?!

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So I'm starting to get tired of people thinking I'm just joking whenever I say I work at McDonald's.. Serisously, is it that hard to believe?? Someone has to do the job! And it's not like it's easy for young people to get a job these days, not even with an education! I'm glad I got this job so damn easy, I know lots of people that have been looking for a job for months with no results..

However.. it really is a horrible bad under-payed job.. and I'll prolly quit in a nearby future. I'm getting so damn sick and tired of all the damn problems like,
Oops! we have too few people now, you'll have to work your ass of doing work for three.. but you'll still get the same horrible low payment!
Oops! we don't have anyone that can be at the cashier.. you'll have to learn it in under one hour and then stand there alone the entire night!
Oops! we don't have anyone at the drive in, you'll have to learn it as we work in the rush! WTH! you'll have to work faster!
Oops! You'll have to work 11 days straight, it's not really legal but shit happens y'know!
Oops! You only got mornings shifts starting at 5am every morning even though there aren't any busses going here that early for you so you'll have to walk or try getting a lift for an entire month! Good luck!

God damn! I have to quit this damn job.. I always get dissapointed in my paycheck even with my horrible low expectations!

I'm so quitting this damn job..

No wonder people think I'm just joking when I tell them what I do!

I think I would laugh too if I weren't crying on the inside..

On the plus-side I've made a new icon from Ben Templesmiths comic Wormwood that I really like!
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