June 25th, 2006


A slightly less festivalized summer..

So I got back from the music festival last sunday, even though there weren't that many good bands playing this year, and the camp were just filled with extremely rude and mean horrible people (there were a couple of good fun groups but the majority was horrible) I had an extremely good time! This was third year I've visited that festival and I think I had the most fun this year, there were just so much fun crazy stuff happening even if people were rude and went to bed real early (all quiet on the camp at about 2 am wtf??).

When I got home I read the sad news that the other festival I was going to (this tuesday) was sold-out.. it's never sold-out.. that's just weird! =/ Fortunately (for a egoist like me) most of my friends didn't buy tickets either so atleast I'm not alone on my week of without anything to do. And I have a full paycheck to spend! :D We're thinking of maybe going on some last minute trip somewhere.


I'll try to get a couple of days off in about two weeks when another music festival is, I lucked out on my work schedule and I only have to really get rid of one day to be able to go there! :D It's alot smaller than the other festival but also cheaper so that's a plus! And I've been told it's a great festival!

wow.. that was one boring uninteresting text.

I was going to list all the crazy stuff I did on the festival but I really can't bother.. worked a morning shift today so I've been up since 4 am and I'm so damn tired.. just watched magnum PI in High Road To China and I fell asleep for a short while in the middle of it and got really confused when I woke up.

So I'll just list a bunch of random stuff instead:

Scott Pilgrim vol.3 was awesome.

And the new Hot Chip album is great!

The new Zero 7 album too!

Gogol Bordello, Amadou & Mariam and Kaizer Orchestra rocked my pants off on the festival.. soooo good!!!

And Fear Agent never dissapoints!

And I really really really want to read Night Trippers GN.

Oceans Twelve was pointless but strangely entertaining.

I'm getting more and more dissapointed in X-Men - The Last Stand as time goes by.. damn you singer! YOU should have ended the trilogy!

And rude people suck!

Also, I'm missing Tool when they play on that other festival this year! ;(

That is all.

oh, and Pete Doherty is a drunken buffoon!
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