June 4th, 2006


meh, too tired to think of a proper title..

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Hmm, not so sure about this strip.. but anyway..

This took place some time ago when I was working these really early mornings, starting at 5 am. I didn't have any buses or trains going that early so I was getting rides by co-workers, and there were always these horrible long awkward silences the car all the way to our workplace. More or less my fault because I really can't sit there and have these polite meaningless conversations with strangers.

On one morning I hadn't really said anything for a long long time, and we stopped on the road for a red light and I was looking out the window and noticed all these traffic lights and lights by the railroad all blinking to the music we had in the car. So the first I said after a long long silence was what I say in this strip. The other person didn't really know how to to respond to that so she started talking about the music instead, and then we returned to silence.
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