May 28th, 2006

tank girl

All things free is excellent! (except bad things)

So yesterday was the last day of the absolutely FREE 3 day music festival Popaganda in stockholm, and it was excellent! (how can it not be excellent when it's totally free??)

I didn't really see that many bands (that I can remember), mostly just on the first day when I saw Mew, Final Fantasy (which I more or less stumbled in on and loved) and Jenny Wilson (which is a swedish artist I missed maybe 4 times last year so I really wanted to see her this year, it still felt like I missed her this year because it was raining and we stood kinda far away from the actual concert.. i was also drunk and don't remember most of it.. so I need to see her again now I think..), people said the mew concert was bad but I really liked it.

Then I heard a bit of Lo-Fi-Fnk when we sat outside the festival, and I liked what I heard so I'm gonna check them out too, so two now bands (or artists?) I've discovered, woo! :D

I was going to work today but I called in sick.. too damn tired.. haven't slept properly for about 4 days now! Also they had this employee party yesterday and I really don't want to hear about how fun it was and how everyone has really bonded in their alocholic states. (bastards!)


This is how my brand new Converse shoes look like now after a three day music festival:

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They've been festivalized! (I've removed the thickest layers of mud)

So, good times! Can't wait for this summers festivals!
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