May 22nd, 2006

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For all you foreigners!

For all you people who didn't see eurovision this year here's a link to the winners Lordi

And this is another personal favourite of mine from Lithuania that guy that doesn't move but then suddenly goes all crazy is my favourite! :D I'm glad they got pretty decent votes too!
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There is a god and he wants to see himself as a villain on TV!


So rumour says Preacher might get adapted by HBO! That is so fucking perfect! It baffled me how they would be able to compress the entire Preacher story into one film, so I always thought an HBO show would be the way to go, and now it seems it will.


"Preacher coming to TV?
Posted by Clint Morris on May 22, 2006

According to a scooper for Aint it Cool, the long-planned film version of comic fave “Preacher” – at one stage set to star James Marsden in the title role – is as dead as, well, it’s dead. OK? Spare me the thought of another analogy.

The good news? “Preacher” might be turning TV series. Even better news; it might be headed to HBO – home of, um, Jamie Lynn Sigler (reason enough to watch in my book).

Says the scooper, “I don't know good this information is, but I was at a comic convention in Dublin recently where Glenn Fabry was signing. I asked about the Preacher movie and he said that it wouldn't go ahead, that nobody wanted to do it. He then told me that days previous he had gotten a call from somebody from HBO looking for Garth Ennis' phone number. A few hours later he got a call from Garth saying that the producers from The Sopranos want to turn Preacher into a HBO TV series. There was no word on Garth's response to this”.

It’s a good idea, if it’s true. “Preacher” is a nifty story, it tells of a fallen evangelist
who sets out to find God himself with his bounty hunter girlfriend and Irish vampire best friend.

The film was all set to go in 2003, with Rachel Talalay (“Freddy’s Dead”) directing, but it just never came to fruition.

I don’t know if James Marsden would consider returning to TV – “Ally McBeal” didn’t do a lot for him – but it would be good, if he would, because he’s a good fit for this one – and has been championing it since day one.

The actor told Cinema Confidential, last year, “I was ready to go, to play the character, but the money fell through, and then it got back together, and then the money fell through, you know? It never really materialized. But hopefully that will still happen.”

So do we. So do we."

Also, Sweden won the world ice-hockey cup, but I'm still more happy Lordi won eurovision!
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