May 12th, 2006

tank girl

It's the time of the burfdeys!

My birthday was okay, went out with a couple of friends, it was nice. I haven't really been celebrating my birthday properly for the last couple of years so my expectations weren't that high.

I got Undead, Night of the Living Dead (remake) and Near Dark DVD's from my mum! (DVD's I had planned on buying myself but weren't able to because I got alot less on my first paycheck than I expected, thanks mum!)

Tommorow I'm going to a birthday party (for someone else) that I got invited to for some reason, it's for a friend of friend that I haven't really seen for maybe a year. So now I need to get her a gift or something, and considering I don't really have much money yet (and I don't really know the person that good) I decided to burn a mix CD and design the cover and stuff.

And this is what I've made so far, I'm not sure if this will be the end product, but I don't really have much time to work on it more, started on it last wednesday and then worked a bit on it today.

I haven't even started choosing songs yet so I think this will be more or less exactly how it will look, might tweak it a bit in places.


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And back: (the edges there will fold to become the side of the cd)

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The text there might seem like mumbo-jumbo to you people, but it actually says music in swedish! s'true!
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