April 11th, 2006

tank girl

Dresden Dolls here I come!!! (in both a physical and bodily fluid way)

After reading about the excellent band Dresden Dolls from people on my friendslist I decided to check if they were going to play on any of the music festivals I plan on visiting this summer. Sadly they didn't seem to do that, however, it turned out they are atleast touring europe all through april-may-june, and as it turns out me and some friends has been planning to go to Paris in May. And they are actually going to have a show in Paris on may 18!!! Together with a band no other than frickin' DeVotchKa! Another band I've really really really wanted to see live!!! :D

I am so gonna go see Dresden Dolls and DeVotchKa in paris this May.

I'm so certain of this that I'm actually going to ask for some time off in May today when I go to work (in about 30 minutes, damn night shift :S).

We'll have to go a bit earlier than planned so hopefully my friends will be OK with that, I'll just have to blind them with the excellent music of Dresden Dolls and I'm sure they'll comply! :D

Dresden Dolls in europe!!! :D

For some reason I feel like I'll have to buy a vest for this.
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    The Dresden Dolls - Delilah