April 8th, 2006

tank girl

Personal Gibberish

god damn, I hardly have any free time at all now with my job, and when I do I'm so tired and just wants to lie around and rest.. haven't checked my friendslist here for maybe two weeks now. Seriously, how do people cope with working more (ALOT more) than they do stuff they actually want?? I understand that most people hasn't really got a choice, but damn, it's such a waste of your life.. I'm just working now to save up a bunch of money so I can go on spontaneous trips later in the fall. (and maybe a couple of trips this summer if I manage to get som time off)

Some of my friends are now currently in or going to Berlin to visit a friend who's studying there, I wish I could join them bu no-can-do with my lack of money and free time (how come you never have any money when you have alot of free time?? strange.. s'mystery I say, a mysterious mystery!) =/

We're thinking of going to Paris or something later in May anyway, so I can join them on that atleast.. I'll have money and it's far enough into the future to be able to take some time off..

I haven't made any strips or written anything in awhile now, my job is really messing with my creativity.. Starting to fear that I'll be so dependant on the money that I'll never quit the job and end up having some kind of sad career in the fast food industry.. (!)

I did start on a strip a couple of days ago though, but then the computer just died on us so I don't have illustrator or photoshop installed on it anymore.. (we're using another harddrive on the computer until we've saved stuff from the old one before reinstalling the whole thing)

I had a day off last wednesday, so I went out and took a couple o photos, got some nice ones actually, I'll load 'em up when I've installed photoshop. One frustrating thing is that my eyesight is gradually getting worse, so I need new glasses (again! grr!!) so most of my photos nowadays are unfocused, which is really affecting enjoyment of photography.. I think that's why I haven't really used my "new" expensive digital camera that much.. =/

And it turns out Josh Middleton isn't really the new artist for American Virgin, only the new cover artist, but Becky Cloonan is great too so I'm not really that dissapointed, we'll be getting really nice covers anyway! :)

Can't bother to proof read all this personal gibberish so I'll just leave it like this.. (for now)
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