March 14th, 2006

tank girl

I Love Comics!

The Serenity Rose site or the heartshapedskulled site (to be more exact) has had a remake! The blog is actually on the site now and stuff, real nifty!

But man is the middle part of the site tiny! Scroll-whores will love it! It looks beautiful though, really slick and nice, and now we might finally get updates on it! :D

Check it out!

And check out Serenity Rose from Slave Labor, one of the best damn comics I've ever read!

Also, I really really really really really look forward to reading this:

And this:

Night Trippers is about vampires in swinging london getting high from halluciogenic filled blood, I love the art!

And the second one, The Abandoned is pure zombie survival goodness with lesbians! It's about these kids trying to survive a world where all the adults have died and turned to flesh-craving zombies! And there's Lesbians!

Here's the comics I look forward to this week:
Superman/Shazam: First Thunder
Seven Soldiers - The Bulleteer
The Walking Dead
Ultimate X-Men
Runaways 2
Angel: Old Friends

Also, The Abandoned has lesbians!
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