March 9th, 2006

tank girl

Strip Remake

Ok, I decided to remake one of my older strips that I wasn't so happy with, I changed the colors of the background to make it easier to read. In the old version the background was so bright making it hard to see my white character. And then I moved the panels to make it into one of those standard wide strips. I added two panels in the middle to pace it out a bit more too, I think this works better.

Here's the new version:
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And you can find the old version in this post here:

Also, I got a letter from McDonalds today, with preparation books and pamphlets and stuff to prepare me for my job..

And they want my poo.

Or a faeces sample to be more exact.. To check if we don't have any mysterious diseases and stuff.. I thought that was pretty nasty/funny :S :D
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