February 25th, 2006

tank girl

My sister just sent scans of the first pages of our comic!!!


My sister just mailed me scans of her first drawn pages from the comic script I sent a couple of weeks ago, and it's so frickin' good! She's always been a bit secretive about her art so I wasn't sure what to expect, I've always known she were good at drawing, but that doesn't mean she'd be so good at telling a story with pictures, but man, if she decides to draw comics as a living she'd succeed! She'll prolly have a better career than me (on my writing) and I'll prolly start hating her for it..

But now I'm happy!!!

Sure, there's a couple of things that needs to be changed, mostly pacing problems due to my writing, but also small adjustments to expressions and stuff. It's just so damn nice to see it all in drawn pictures, alot easier to see what needs to be changed compared to just looking over the written script.

eeeeeeeh! I'm so excited now! :D

I'll ask and see if I can upload some of the scans onto my blog here later.

Oh, happy days!

Also, I started working on another strip yesterday and it should be up on monday or something, decided to work on my strips a bit more to be sure it's "perfect" so I won't have to upload several different versions.

And I called McDonald's about temporary work last tuesday, so I can pay for a trip to Berlin and then festivals in the summer, they said I should mail them to a mail adress they gave me over the phone. I did that but it seems the mail adress they gave me doesn't exist or something.. which was weird.. did I just get dumped by a fast food restaurant? :S

Anyway, I looked up another adress on their homepage and mailed that one.. haven't got any reply yet though.. man, I really need a job, I thought McDonalds would be a sure bet! What the hell do I do now? Actually work hard to find a job???


Anyway, I'm so happy about the comic!!! =D Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Oh wow, this new feature in lj where they automatically save what you write is awesome!! My internet just stopped working and I had to restart the computer, now I didn't have to rewrite all this shit again! (yay!)
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