February 11th, 2006

tank girl

Get ready for some serious geeking!

Firstly, I can't believe how fucking late I was discovering the Scott Pilgrim movie :S There's like posts from May last year in it's board at imdb.com! :S Hopefully it's not dead and they'll actually start making it after Edgar Wrights current movie Hot Fuzz.

Anyway, there's a great interview with Brandon Graham on newsarama. He's an excellent comic creator! I've been absolutely in love with his style ever since reading his amazing anthology Escalataor when it was out. Seriously, I remember reading it with some music, sitting on my sofa, and it really was one of the best moments in my life! (I'm actually serious! :S)

And ever since I read it I've been waiting for some new stuff by Brandon Graham but never heard anything. I allmost mailed him to ask what he was up to at the moment but I never did, and eventually I more or less forgot about him.

But then, last week (or this week maybe?) bougieman  posted this:

And I instantly recognized the art on the cover! Sadly Brandon Graham wasn't doing any interior art, but I was still glad about the cover. I figured he was busy with other (non comic) projects, and maybe just did some covers here and there, but no actual comics. I was a bit sad, but still had hope he'd return to comics for real some time in the future, he's still young afterall.

But then, earlier today, while looking through my regular sites (mostly comic news sites) and seeing on www.newsarama.com just one tiny screen cap from some comic, I immediately knew whose art it was, then I read the topic which said: TALES OF A NERD RONIN: BRANDON GRAHAM

I was ridiculously happy.

I instantly read the entire interview:

Learned about his new project, a 150 page graphic novel for tokyopop named King City, about "a guy who carries around a fat cat that can do absolutely anything if given the right injection. It's a spy comic about trying to be a good friend and getting over heartbreak".

He's finished about 70 pages of it, and it should be out sometime later this year.

I really can't wait.

Here's a couple of pictures from the comic:

(these two characters here isn't really from the King City comic)

Check out his Escalator from Alternative Comics too, I highly recommended it!

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