January 23rd, 2006

tank girl

Russian Winter Hat Adventure, Go!

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There's two things here that isn't true, the first one is that the girl wasn't really that cute (she wasn't ugly or anything, just not my taste) so I didn't mind the whole thing that much. And the other thing was that she was actually sitting next to me but that proved impossible to illustrate and this looked nicer.

It's funny, I've been hit on by girls quite often the past year, and some of them were really good-looking too! And I've screwed it up almost every time! Not only am I terrible at hitting on girls, I am terrible when they hit one me, ha! That's funny!

Funny in a depressing I'm-gonna-die-alone-kind of way! tee! hee! (laugh at my misery!)

Anyway, I'm happy on how this strip turned out, I had a much darker red from the start but photoshop tends to make all the colors brighter or washed out when I import them from illustrator, but it didn't make it much worse so I left it like this.
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