January 21st, 2006

tank girl

I'm really enjoying making comics!

I've totally turned around my day now, instead of going to bed at maybe 8 am or later and going up like 5-6 pm. I'm actually going to bed at about 11 pm and waking up about 7 am! It's really strange, I never managed to wake up at 7 even when I had school! :S

Everyone seems pretty chocked at this sudden change of times too, two friends called today. The first one at about 12 pm and just asumed I was still asleep and asked my dad to wake me!

The other phoned me at about 5 pm on my cell phone wondering if it was okay to talk now, if I wasn't trying to sleep or anything! ha! :D

Anyway, got a mail from my sister where she says she's started working on the comic I sent a script of before, which is nice, really looking forward to how it turns out. She said the "prototype" might be ready in about 3 weeks, so more on that later.

I started work on a second script today too, just before I got the mail from my sister. It's really an old story me and my sister were going to at first. I had sketched out like a storyboard for it, but decided to do a written script instead, and do a bunch of alterations to the story. It's going to have dialogue (in english) now instead of being just a silent story that I first intended. I think it's going to be better this way.

I wrote two pages (three comic pages) of script.

And I've more or less finished another strip, just want to look it over again before posting it, it's about my groovy russian winter hat. :D I'm really starting to enjoy all this creativity and can allmost picture myselt doing all this for a living! :) (writing that is)

In other me-news, I really really really need to get my ass out of the house and get a job! I have a friend living in Berlin now and I really want to go there and visit her! And then I have all the music festivals in the summer I need money for and I really want to go out to some clubs or something again! Haven't been out for weeks!!! Really starting to get sick of all the lousy sitcoms they have on tv during the daytimes that I've been watching all day!

Oh, and I really don't like the Mister Miracle part of Seven Soldiers, it's rubbish. It's the only comic from this "event" that I really don't like, and it's making me like Seven Soldiers as whole less, and that's making me angry! Everything seemed so great and perfect before that god damn Mister Miracle! Damn you!!! (shouting at a comic)

BTW, Sorry about all the profanity in my last strip, it was sort of a heat in the moment strip that i didn't really plan on. I just realized that english-speaking people might actually get offended by that, so.. uh.. sorry..

Anyway, that's all the personal boring stuff for now!

And remember kids, Mister Miracle sucks.

(god damn I'm sleepy and tired!)
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