January 10th, 2006

tank girl

First snow.

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If you're wondering what the black thing i have on my head is, it's my russian winter hat that I've had for about two or three years now. I like that it's sort of goofy but still cool somehow, started to see more and more people wear one each year now though.. -sigh- (I like to think I've started a trend but that's only because I'm a narcissist)

I like to wear it on clubs too, which gets some nice attention, but I'll make a strip about that, so more on that later. :D

About the strip, it might not be too current as we had our first snow in november, but I had totally forgotten about it until I started taking photos of the snow last tuesday, so i decided to make it before I forget about it again, I like how it turned out.

Today I went to bed at about 1 pm and woke up at about 10 pm to watch something on tv.

I think I need a job or something...
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