December 25th, 2005

tank girl

Christmas, Zombies and Katanas für alle!

OK, guess it's the day of christmas that most non-northern europeans celebrate on, so uh, happy Holidays to ya'll!

We celebrated yesterday (24th) and I got alot of nice presents including the boardgame "Zombies!!!" which me, my sister and brother played, after we finished that (I came last =/) we decided to play RISK but with zombies thrown in the mix making up rules as we go. That went surpisingly well and we actually have a pretty "realistic" zombie apocalypse simulation with war thrown into the mix with the only forseaable goal in the future is to survive the longest untill the whole world is zombiefied!

I think we'll have to write down these rules because this worked great, even though we're all more or less doomed.

But it takes so daaaaamn long to play, I think we played for six hours untill noticing the time was 2am and decided to take a break! We'll continue tommorow if we're not too sick of the whole thing. (I seem to be losing again, got the least troops and I seem to have the worst luck in the world, so I ended up just trying to spread the zombies instead of conquering worlds MOUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :D)

Anyway, I'll post pics later when I've imported them into the computer (which I can't bother to do now), where you can see how much of the world that is getting overrun by zombies, africa, north & south-america is pretty screwed along with europe! Heh. I'll post pics of my other gifts or something too I guess, got alot of comics and a fake tamagotchi (wish for one of those on pure nostalgia).

Oh, and my sister bought a set of Katanas for the family, really surpising and pretty pointless, but man, they are so fucking cool!!! (I'll prolly include pics of those too if I can bother, heh.)

Katanas and zombies... wow, great fucking chri.. holiday! :D
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